Thursday, October 29, 2009

.on a mission::nashville.

So I need a project. Seriously. I am more motivated now than ever to take on something that will keep my camera from thinking that I've abandoned her. Today, I began reading the chapter titled Photographing Places in David duChemin's book, Within the Frame, and it got me to thinking. Scary, I know. Now most of you know that I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. Already you've got words floating in that noggin' of yours (I've lived here too long!) like "country music", "The Grand Ole Opry", "honky tonk". I know you do because that's what comes to mind when I say Nashville. With that said, there are SO many images out there that reflect what most people perceive of this town. I think that's why I haven't shot any more images of Nashville. In my mind I was aiming to get shots that people could relate to. Suddenly the word "postcard" comes to mind. "Okay, so here's a photo of another music venue downtown." Really, do we need more? Granted, downtown is a colorful place, especially at night on a weekend. NashVegas, as some folks call it. This time though, I want to capture this town differently. I want to see Nashville without the rhinestone studded sun glasses. I want YOU to see the Nashville that I see. But in order to do that, I will need to slow down, stop looking and start truly seeing. How about you, when was the last time you truly explored where you live?


  1. this is a good challenge because in the move to montgomery, i've become unmotivated. maybe you have struck a chord for me that i had not realized until i read this today. i think in my photography i was thinking there is nothing new here under the sun - it's all been shot before. i will accept your challenge. maybe it's the montgomery no one has seen before.

  2. Do it Char! I'm too broke to go anywhere so if it means capturing where I am with a new set of eyeballs, then by god, that's what I'm gonna have to do! I just hope I do this place justice. ha! Keep me up to date on your challenge with Montgomery!


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