Monday, October 12, 2009

.to feel deeply.

Connection. Passion. True existance. These are things that I have been looking for in my life, especially here lately. Things that I have been looking for in myself. As the days pass, I find myself scraping away layer, after thick layer, the dead skin that has formed this hardened shell over my heart. More and more I realize just how much I miss the feeling of feeling. . . of feeling deeply. I believe many of us wonder how we have reached this point of numbness. At some point in our lives, a decision was made and from that moment on, many more decisions were made, each one bringing us closer, or further from who we truly are. Then we reach another point in life when we want to pick up all the little pieces that have fallen along the way, hoping that they will lead us back to home. Home, to where our heart is.

There is so much more I want to say tonight, but I don't have quite the right words. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. believe me, I understand part of this. so very much.

  2. what an artistic image with words...hopeful~elk


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