Sunday, March 6, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚7.

Technically, it's a "good afternoon Sunday" to all of you!  I don't know what the weather is like where you are but here in Wilmington today, the forecast is cloudy with 100% chance of rain.  Which means muddy shoes and wet nylons as you run across the church parking lot.  It also means soft, beautiful light. . . my absolute favorite.  Even as I washed dishes after brunch, I could not help but become mesmerized with the bubbles and soft lines forming in my sink.  Honestly, everything looked so much more interesting, calm, lovely.  If British skies are usually this gray, maybe I should look into moving across the Pond if only I would be guaranteed this wonderful light!

And here is my Sunday list:
  • I received an email from a woman who had just recently purchased a painting by my grandmother at an auction in Florida.  She found the Myspace page I had set up a couple of years ago about my grandmother's artwork and copied my email address.  Her determination to find out more about the artist behind this precious painting has given me the encouragement I need to gather more information, photos and stories about my Tutu, C. H. Evans.  
  • Just ordered a copy of Photobooth:  The Art of the Automatic Portrait which features Andrea Jenkin's and her "photobooth Friday".
  • A few more books I'm thinking about adding to my book shelf:  Binocular Vision, Thirteen Moons, and Bliss.
  • One of my absolute flickr faves is Wild Goose Chase, the creative photostream of artist Fiona Watson.
  • As we begin to welcome Spring with joyful glee, I reflect upon the icy, yet beautiful wonder of Winter.  This video I found via the Owl Diary is a wonderful tribute to the quiet season.
A short list today, but I hope a good one.  Go out and dance in the rain my friends!  Just make sure there's some nice warm soup and tea when you venture back in!  Stay well.


  1. One of our favorite aspects of your photography is that you truly capture the BEAUTY of simplicity... as always, thank you so much for sharing... and inspiring!

  2. a sweetness of light in these ever wonderful well ..enjoy!!


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