Thursday, March 10, 2011

.the story about a man and a lost roll of film.

There aren't that many YouTube videos out there that give me goosebumps, you know, the good kind that come from being emotionally moved.  I love a good adventure story!  I'm not talking about the kind of adventure story that involves the "good guys" fighting off the "bad guys" on the edge of a massive cliff in South America.  Nope.  My favorite adventure story is more personal.  An Ameliesque adventure where one person's random act of kindness not only takes them on an amazing journey, but also all those involved in the ultimate goal, whatever that may be.  And so, here is a true life "Amelie Boy" adventure that all started when a man, on a pair of "crappy, used cross-country skiis" glides along on a very snow covered Prospect Park and finds a roll of film. Here is his story. . .

Thanks to Elle for sharing!


  1. i will mark this so i can watch at home.

    how you are doing great this week!

  2. what a great share! i'm going to share this too on my fb!!! how amazing!

  3. Isn't it great?! I love it. :D

  4. So AWESOME!
    I decided yesterday to have more adventures and now I see this...It's meant to be!
    Thank you so much .kat. for sharing...


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