Friday, May 6, 2011

.PDN's 30 of 2011.

Photographed from PDN magazine.  Original photos taken by Erik Madigan Heck

About a month or so ago, I picked up a copy of PDN's (Photo District News) April 2011 issue from my local bookstore, excited to see that this year's pick of thirty new and emerging photographers had been chosen. A diverse group, each one unique in their style and vision, coming from all sorts of backgrounds from all over the world.  Photography truly has a way of bringing all of us together, allowing us to universally experience that fraction of a second.  As I read their stories, both visually and written, I am inspired by the voice of each photographer.  Daro Sulakauri of Georgia uses her images to bring to the surface the truth of the struggles faced by the people of her country.  The duo that make up Dyad Photography have a knack for bringing the fine art out of smashed fruit.  And these are just a couple.

As an aspiring photographer, beyond being fascinated by their images, I was also strongly encouraged by what each photographer had to say about key lessons learned along the way, and some of the greatest challenges they face even today.  Susan Worsham mentions, "I think like most artists, I struggle with the balancing act of having another job, while trying to establish myself.  It is tough to make your art your priority, but I personally will always find a way to make pictures."  Ivor Prickett's advice, "The best way to advance your career is to keep your head down and make personal work.  Everything else is just supplementary.  Without good, strong personal projects under your belt there isn't much you can do."  Whether shooting fashion spreads for a clothing designer or portraits of loved ones, the common thought is this:  stay true to yourself and your personal style.  ". . . you realize it's not the technique or the camera.  In the end it's the dedication, the approach and, most important, the vision."  -Pari Dukovic

To view each of the galleries representing this year's PDN's 30 of 2011, visit the website.

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  1. thanks for the heads up, i love finding new stuff as i like seeing what others are doing


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