Tuesday, May 10, 2011

.ruche :: an unending love.

Swoon. . . that is exactly what I did when I saw the new Ruche lookbook lastnight.  Page after page of sheer beauty!  You cannot help but fall in love with both the gorgeous clothing featured for this season,  and the warm, dreamy Southern atmosphere in which these photographs were taken.  Photographer Stephanie Williams' photographs have done for Ruche what a great author does for a novel:  draw you in then grab you at the very beginning, taking you on a fantastic, vivid journey.  And once you finally reach the end, you are left completely, and utterly speechless.  

You can view more of Stephanie Williams' recent work here at her blog, This Modern Romance.  And if her photos in the latest lookbook have inspired you to pick up a pen, you may want to write a line or two for Ruche's little giveaway challenge.  Stay inspired friends!


  1. "Swoon" was exactly the word that popped into my head when I saw the first image. Oh my, these are gorgeous! To my shame I have to admit that I never heard of Ruche until today. Thank you for introducing me!

  2. sooo gorgeous...and of course immediately i wanted to know the lens she is using and the f stop. LOL

  3. You are totally welcome Esther!
    Char, I was thinking the exact
    same thing! Ha!

  4. Oh wow, that photo of the girl on the bike is breathtaking! I want to roll around town looking like that! haha!


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