Saturday, May 14, 2011

.some times.

Some times
I simply want to fly away
as a bird
to leap from the nest
just so that I could soar
above the seas
the mountain tops
the people
the grind
to feel the wind against my face
my body
lifting me up 
higher and higher 
until there is nothing left but
o p e n n e s s
the sun
the clouds
s p a c e
and all the clutter in my mind
the heaviness
in my chest
will easily 
f a l l 
f  a  l  l
to the awaiting ground below
then maybe I can
just a little more
c l e a r e r
a little more
d e e p e r
and perhaps
be myself again.


Just so you know. . . you've already brightened my day!