Sunday, May 22, 2011

.good. . . afternoon, sunday :: n˚13.

I know, I know!  I'm late again!  Sundays have been getting rough!  Now, I know that I have already technically shared the above video from a previous post, but I am totally in love with it.  And Vimeo.  Obviously.  Ha!  I do hope your weekend has been a beautiful one.  It's rather warm and muggy here in Wilmington, already, but hey, all the more reason to head to the beach. . . well, at least until the sharks come out to play!  Let's get going with this list thing, shall we?
  • Little Miss Sunshine (aka. my daughter) will be celebrating her 4th birthday soon, which still blows me away.  Trying to get a little party together for her so it's been interesting.  Now with the possibility of bad weather moving in (thanks Weather Channel for the heads up) we may need to redirect the fun, outdoor activities to suit more not-so-wet indoor recreation instead.  Boo!  I'll let you know how that goes.  The theme this year:  bugs.  
  • I've been hitting up my local library and have recently picked up a book featuring the work of photographer Cecil Beaton.  Photographic clients ranged from socialites & debutantes, Hollywood starlettes, to the Queen of England herself.  He was a multi-talented fellow, having not only skills behind the lens, but also on stage, both as an actor, as well as costume and production designer.  He won Academy Awards for costume and production designs for the films Gigi and My Fair Lady.  I happened upon a great Flickr set that shows several of his iconic black & white portraits.  
  • Have I already told you that I want to go surfing this summer?  Have I?  Well for someone who was born and raised in Hawai'i, you would think that I'd be a pro on the board right?  Yeah, not so much.  One, surfboards can get pretty costly, especially IN Hawai'i.  Needless to say, in a single parent home, surfboards were not considered a necessity.  Second, I already had [have] a self-image issue and something about being a chubby girl in a bathing suit, wiping out in the midst of experienced surfers just didn't seem like a fun afternoon at the beach.  Go figure.  Although, being a chubby girl in a bathing suit, wiping out in the midst of inexperienced surfers, or "kooks" instead, not so bad.  A little embarrassing when my board nearly missed the face of a Japanese vacationer also learning to surf, but fun nonetheless.  Anyway, more on that adventure another day.  But on that note, photographer Ryan Tatar's awesome images of today's surf culture have really been making waves.  Most, if not all, of his photographs were taken with film, either instant or cross-processed, which really adds character to his already interesting captures.  The photos in his essay, Cape Fear Kooks, were taken right here in the Wilmington/Cape Fear Region.  Pretty cool.
  • I've really been in this funky state of mind the last couple of weeks, which is perhaps the biggest reason for not posting much here as of late.  I think I'm ready for another adventure.  No, no!  Not anything like the unpredictable, terrifying, stressful adventure of last year.  I'm thinking more along the lines of a vacation, or road trip.  That gypsy blood that flows in my veins is making me a little restless, but right now, we are no where near being in a position to do anything so. . . I will just share with you, in a post later this week, several travel writing books that have piqued my interest.  
  • And last, but not least, music.  Starting in June, I would like to share with you, over the course of a week or so, daily (hopefully) posts about the topic of music.  Sharing some of my personal faves, as well as introducing you to some very interesting people I have the pleasure of knowing.  Music enriches our lives and I think sharing that enrichment with each other is good stuff for the soul, don't you think?  So, stay tuned. . . 
Alrighty friends, again, I apologize that today's "good morning Sunday" bit is getting to you late, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a beautiful week ahead!  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚12.

Good morning friends!  Okay, so I am posting this much, MUCH later than I had planned. . . so really, it's a "good evening" friends!  I hope today finds you well and inspired.  I am running late, so let's get going with  today's list: 
  • I am so happy that the new Priscilla Ahn album, When You Grow Up, is finally out!  Listening to her beautiful voice always puts me in a good mood.
  • Found via Sofia, I'm enjoying photographer Saul Leiter's view of the world through windows and reflections.
  • Working in a bookstore can be very dangerous sometimes, especially when you are looking at purchasing photography books.  For those who are looking for some great photographic inspiration and instruction without breaking the bank, visit Craft & Vision. 
  • Speaking of books, I'm thinking about reading this one.  
  • Wish I had an iPhone just so that I could take cool photos like the ones here.
Wow, seems like my lists are getting shorter and shorter!  Ha!  How about you?  What new things would you like to share today?

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    .some times.

    Some times
    I simply want to fly away
    as a bird
    to leap from the nest
    just so that I could soar
    above the seas
    the mountain tops
    the people
    the grind
    to feel the wind against my face
    my body
    lifting me up 
    higher and higher 
    until there is nothing left but
    o p e n n e s s
    the sun
    the clouds
    s p a c e
    and all the clutter in my mind
    the heaviness
    in my chest
    will easily 
    f a l l 
    f  a  l  l
    to the awaiting ground below
    then maybe I can
    just a little more
    c l e a r e r
    a little more
    d e e p e r
    and perhaps
    be myself again.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    .ruche :: an unending love.

    Swoon. . . that is exactly what I did when I saw the new Ruche lookbook lastnight.  Page after page of sheer beauty!  You cannot help but fall in love with both the gorgeous clothing featured for this season,  and the warm, dreamy Southern atmosphere in which these photographs were taken.  Photographer Stephanie Williams' photographs have done for Ruche what a great author does for a novel:  draw you in then grab you at the very beginning, taking you on a fantastic, vivid journey.  And once you finally reach the end, you are left completely, and utterly speechless.  

    You can view more of Stephanie Williams' recent work here at her blog, This Modern Romance.  And if her photos in the latest lookbook have inspired you to pick up a pen, you may want to write a line or two for Ruche's little giveaway challenge.  Stay inspired friends!

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    .a short trip to the shore of southport.

    Just a few images captured while on a short day trip to Southport, NC.  Wishing all of you a beautiful start to the week!  

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    .good morning sunday :: n˚11.

    Hello friends!  For all of my fellow Mommies out there. . . Happy Mother's Day!!  I'm wishing you a wonderful day spent in honor of your love and dedication to those precious souls we call our children.  Well, without further ado, here's today's list:
    • Started reading The Dressmaker of Khair Khana.     
    • I am inspired to meet more people because of Mark Tucker's My Day With. . . series.
    • Wow, my mind has seriously gone blank.  Need to brew some coffee.
    • Have I told you lately that I still absolutely love the vibrancy and spirit of this artist's work?  Well I do.  :)
    • Enjoying this new blog.
    • My friend Langley's short film Superhero, a film he created in honor of his late mother, could seriously use your support.  More on this young man here soon!
    • And last but not least, I am in love with this film.  God bless Vimeo!
    Enjoy what's left of the weekend folks!  Until later. . . 

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    .PDN's 30 of 2011.

    Photographed from PDN magazine.  Original photos taken by Erik Madigan Heck

    About a month or so ago, I picked up a copy of PDN's (Photo District News) April 2011 issue from my local bookstore, excited to see that this year's pick of thirty new and emerging photographers had been chosen. A diverse group, each one unique in their style and vision, coming from all sorts of backgrounds from all over the world.  Photography truly has a way of bringing all of us together, allowing us to universally experience that fraction of a second.  As I read their stories, both visually and written, I am inspired by the voice of each photographer.  Daro Sulakauri of Georgia uses her images to bring to the surface the truth of the struggles faced by the people of her country.  The duo that make up Dyad Photography have a knack for bringing the fine art out of smashed fruit.  And these are just a couple.

    As an aspiring photographer, beyond being fascinated by their images, I was also strongly encouraged by what each photographer had to say about key lessons learned along the way, and some of the greatest challenges they face even today.  Susan Worsham mentions, "I think like most artists, I struggle with the balancing act of having another job, while trying to establish myself.  It is tough to make your art your priority, but I personally will always find a way to make pictures."  Ivor Prickett's advice, "The best way to advance your career is to keep your head down and make personal work.  Everything else is just supplementary.  Without good, strong personal projects under your belt there isn't much you can do."  Whether shooting fashion spreads for a clothing designer or portraits of loved ones, the common thought is this:  stay true to yourself and your personal style.  ". . . you realize it's not the technique or the camera.  In the end it's the dedication, the approach and, most important, the vision."  -Pari Dukovic

    To view each of the galleries representing this year's PDN's 30 of 2011, visit the website.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    .under the boardwalk.

     Sometimes, it just takes a day at the beach to put your mind, body and heart in total "chill" mode.  I love it.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far friends!  xo

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    . . .

    Yesterday marked several occasions on my calendar.  The first being the one year anniversary of our move from Tennessee to North Carolina, which coincidentally was also the anniversary of the Nashville Flood.  As many of you have probably already been made aware, it will also be noted in our history books as the day this man was brought to an end.  And all I can think about is this. . . that we need to humbly keep moving forward.  There is no celebration in my home today.  Maybe only relief, and a prayer of thanks that many families can find some sort of closure.  But my heart is still a little heavy, a reminder that we all are so vulnerable.  I originally started a post to fill you in on what has taken place since May 1st, 2010 in our family's lives, but instead I wanted to think of those who continue to suffer now.  For the folks in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  For Japan.  For our troops.  For the families who are still struggling to make it to the next moment.  I am thinking of you.