Thursday, August 28, 2008

.j'aime les plumes de souffle [souffle pens].

Sometimes the best time to work on a creative project is in the wee hours of the morning.  Well that is what happened with me at about 3 o'clock.  I woke up and just had some difficulties falling back asleep so I thought, Hey!  Why not make a card?  So I did.  A card for a friend using greetings from across the globe.  I chose to use my favorite colored paper:  dark chocolate brown, as well as one of my favorite writing utencils:  a white Souffle pen made by Sakura of America,  a company well known for their writing and drawing products.

What I love most about this particular pen is that it is TRULY opaque.  I have tried MANY white pens on dark paper to no avail.  I wanted something that was going to give the equivalent result of white-out on paper.  This pen does just that, plus it has a slightly raised, embossed look.  It is truly amazing!

These pens are available in a set of 10 different colors or in a double pack of just a single color.  You can usually find them at most local craft and scrapbooking retailers, as well as at the actual Sakura website.


  1. boho and souffle need to hire you to write for them, your words and photos are so professional... i think your blog needs to be sent to their respective headquarters!

  2. Holy cow! I didn't know this comment was left here! Thanks so much Brandy! I would LOVE to make a living shooting cool stuff like these. Think they'll hire me?!


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