Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.nashville...my how you've changed.

We have moved back to good ol' Music City USA and in the short time I have been here (about a month) already I am seeing some of the changes since leaving 3 years ago.  Now I know that as with any city that is growing by leaps and bounds, there will be changes taking place continously.  So, on a trip to downtown with Alex, I noticed that the "Batman" building, also known as the "BellSouth Tower" (above photo) no longer held the BellSouth logo.  Instead, there was a very well known circular symbol for the company AT&T.  Hmm... what else has changed?  Oh!  Behind me is no longer the Gaylord Entertainment Center but the Sommet (still not sure how to pronounce that) Center.  And what is that across the river?!  It's not the Adelphia Coliseum, but the L.P. Field.  Wow.  The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is built and beautiful.  What else?  The lanes that make up Briley Parkway towards Opry Mills is finally, drivable.  Oh!  Can't forget the I-65 towards Gallatin.  Thank you TDOT.   

Nashville may have changed some, but then again, so have I.  And from what I've gathered, I think perhaps it's for the better.  

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