Wednesday, August 20, 2008

.journey of man.

When it comes to documentary films, I usually find myself extremely attracted to ones pertaining to that of humankind and the world in which we live.  As a teenager, I can recall a time where I felt called to become an Anthropologist.  Not so much the Archaeologist as the thought of digging up things, specifically human bones, just didn't sit well.  No, I wanted to study cultures.  My personal choice:  Native American studies.  So where am I going with this?  Well tonight, I was able to watch a documentary titled, Journey of Man, that aired on NPT (Nashville Public Television).  Dr. Spencer Wells, a geneticist, has undertaken a phenomenal project in which he utilizes DNA from individuals from Africa, Australia, India, Central Asia, and far eastern Siberia to trace back the  origins of human race.  What was fascinating for me, as it always is when I watch documentaries held in countries and places I can only imagine visiting, was how people survive and have survived in the remotest of places.  Of course, any "theory" one has on the origins of man will follow with heavy debate, but I must say that I was rather enthralled by the scientific evidence that Dr. Wells was able to obtain through DNA.  To say that we all have stemmed from one Man out of Africa is...well, for me, believable.  With that being said, I was inspired by the idea, the probability that we, you and I, are many many MANY generations back, related.  We are all one giant family.  Or as we say back in Hawai'i, "Ohana."  

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