Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.09.22.09::fall is here.

My day started off a little absent-mindedly. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, joined in on the tickle fun with Alex and our wee one before heading out to work. I listened to my Priscilla Ahn CD while cruising down the road, belting out each tune in harmony as if I were her backup singer (she doesn't need one, but if she did, I'm her gal). Everything seemed normal. Once I got to work though, one of my co-workers looked at me and said, "You're here too?" as we both primarily work in the same department of the bookstore. Hmm. . . am I supposed to be here? Apparently not. Wrong day. Doh! So, a phone call was made to home to let the hubby know that I was on my way back. The entire drive back I kept thinking that there was something significant about today. . . What was it?! Ooh! Yes, the Wallace & Grommit collection featuring their newest film, A Matter of Loaf and Death, comes out today! I'm a geek. I know. But that wasn't it. . . hmm. . . the day went on. The little one and I went to Target, later to the grocery store, then to my sister's, back home. I logged into the internet and read a few blogs. Then I looked to my right, directly at my calendar and realized that there were exclamation points at the end of something listed for today. OH!! Today's the first day of Fall!! Happy Day! You wouldn't know it to look around our neighborhood! The grass is greener than ever with all the crazy amounts of rain we've been getting this last week. Still, I am happy knowing that cooler weather is just around the corner, along with vibrant colors and hints of spice in the air. Welcome back Autumn, my favorite Season!


  1. How nice, you got to go back home! Do you like working in a bookstore? It's probably interesting. You get to see all the new books before everyone else!
    Happy fall, around here it's happening already. Colors are changing!

  2. I've missed my visits to you. I hope to be back to work very soon. Hey, how was your visit to Michigan?
    I always dreamed of working in a cozy little book store with a view and a secret nook to sneak off and for a quick read now and then.
    I love fall as well. Happy fall to you dear Kat.

  3. Kat, so sorry not been round for a while, but work has been madly busy since being back from holiday and I just have not kept up with reading my blogs. Hope you're ok anyway x


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