Monday, September 14, 2009

.the road to peace.

As Autumn gently approaches, I find myself desiring more time spent in the midst of trees and the open air. It seems as if it is truly nature that is aiding me in my quest to free my mind of clutter, to once again regain a sense of peace. And thank goodness for it!

Where do we find peace?
Peace is in the rosy softness
of a new dawn breaking.
It's the sound of the wind
across a mountain peak.
It's the waves breaking as
they splash upon the beach,
The quiet and mystical beauty
of a snowflake drifting
silently downward
to a land blanketed in white.
Peace is the elusive kingdom
of the soul which God alone
in his love does hold.

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  1. love the lines and composition of this shot. and of course, your signature warm cocoa tones. the words go beautifully with it.


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