Thursday, January 20, 2011

.and today was brought to you by the number. . .

33 is the number for today because it is how many years I'm celebrating today!
I was greeted with happy cheers of "it's your birthday Mama!" by my
little girl first thing this morning. 
Later a radio dedication was made on the radio by a friend who has his
own show here!  Awesome music streamed in from Nashville!  How
cool is that?!

The Mister, little one and myself took a trip downtown for some 
sweets at Kilwin's.

Then we took a stroll around downtown Wilmington.  It was such a
beautiful day!

Greenpeace had their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, docked on the 
Cape Fear River.  They'll be giving tours of the boat this weeknend.
They're here to support ECO and the folks of Wilmington who have
been doing an awesome job bringing awareness to the public 
about ecological issues here in the Cape Fear region.

After our walk around downtown, we headed to the beach. 
It was a little cold, but it was still so beautiful!

Then I blew out the candle and called it a day.
A wonderful wonderful day.  :D


  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a really good one!

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday! Oh geez, Kathy you take beautiful photos. I love the sugar cones one, it looks dreamy. Kilwin's is a dreamy place! Even walking by is mouthwatering! I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday!


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