Monday, January 17, 2011

.back in the loop.

Wow, it has been a while hasn't it?  Well my friends, I'm ALIVE!!  I hope that today, you are well.  I have truly missed you and now that I finally have access to the internet from home, I'll be coming to visit more often.  2010. . . wow, what a year.  From beginning to end, it was a roller coaster ride for myself and my family. First the accident in January, to the loss of a job in April, the flood in May, to a family emergency in November.  But, and there is a very big BUT, glorious sunshine hides behind dark clouds.  It's only a matter of time when those clouds fade away.  You are stronger than you realize.  I am still a little sore, a tad numb, but relieved.  We are in a nice home, surrounded by wonderful neighbors, and we can't help but love this town, especially since we only live 15 minutes away from the beach.  Niiiice.  And I am glad, so glad to be back here with you!  

So, now that we have entered a new year, my hopes are that things will be a little calmer, a lot more creative, and less stressful.  I don't think I can handle any more new white hairs sprouting from my head.  My 33rd birthday is just a few days away and honestly, I have chosen to stay home!  Ha!  Before I leave you today, I want to share a few creative sites. . . 

  •  The whimsical and genius creations of Su Blackwell 
  •  The soothing images by beautiful Heather Pauline
  •  And this blog is just insanely hilarious! 
That's it for now folks!  Have a beautiful start to the work week!

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  1. yay yay yay!!! welcome back!! i'm so happy to see you


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