Thursday, January 27, 2011

.life is a verb.

life is a verb by patti digh
 Throughout the years, you find out that many times, things that happen in your life truly do happen for a reason.  Reasons you cannot yet explain but at some point along the way, the A-ha! moment arrives.  Chance moments that would not have been had you not simply shown up.  I don't believe in coincidences anymore.  Maybe it's because I've been watching the History Channel with my conspiracy believing husband a little too much lately.  Ha!  If there is ANYTHING that I've learned in life, and especially over the struggles last summer, it is that every little thing that happens has a reason.  Even something as little as a phone call from your employer asking if you'd take a shift that night because someone is going home sick.    This was the scene that took place several days ago.  I said I'd call back.  I consulted with the other half who said, "Do whatever you want."  We really could use the extra cash those hours would bring so I called back and said, "yes."  You know, sometimes, that's all we have to say. . . yes.  Earlier that day, I was on a long (as they usually are) conversation with my sister about how I was really having a hard time getting motivated to be creative.  Picking up my camera became a chore.  Just getting things done seemed too laborsome.  As a mom and wife I just felt as if I wasn't giving enough quality time like I should either and that has truly been bothering me.  I felt totally beat up emotionally after enduring one helluva roller coaster ride last summer.  I was numb, and yet, extremely  sore.  I needed a jolt of something inspiring really bad.  Later that afternoon, the phone call from work.

So just minutes after clocking in, the phone at work rings.  I work at a bookstore so we get a lot of calls from folks asking if we carry a particular book in store.  Well this call wasn't the case.  The customer wanted to know if we matched our online price.  We don't.  "Could you tell me how much it would cost if we bought it from your store?"  I say, "Sure.  What's the book?"  She tells me, "Life is a Verb, by Patti Digh."  I type it in, automatically I am drawn to the cover.  "It's $19.95 ma'am."  She thanks me and hangs up.  Fifteen minutes later, the phone rings again and somehow I'm the only one answering the phone all of the sudden.  A man is on the other line, he asks about the same book but wants to know if his membership will give him a better discount buying the book online or in the store.  I ask him what book he was looking to purchase and he mentioned the same title.  I asked if he had had someone call just a few moments prior.  "Yes, I did.  I had my secretary call.  See, I'm having a meeting with my employees and I want every one of them to take home a copy of this book."  I pull up the book on my computer again, gazing at the cover.   Life is a verb.  "For every employee, really?"  He responds, "Yeah, it's a fantastic book and I want to make sure they all have a copy."  I explain to him, that it would be cheaper for him to actually buy it online.  He thanks me and hangs up.  I thought to myself, "What is the big deal with this book that he is seriously going to buy every single one of his employees a book.  Who even does that?"  I look back to my screen and next to the words "On Hand" it said we had one copy available in the store.  So, I walk over to the Self Improvement section and pull out the book.  "I am going to browse through you on my lunch break little buddy."  And that's what I did.  After reading the introduction, I knew I had to have it.

I'm not even on the fourth chapter of this book and already I feel a rejuvenating of the soul taking place on my insides.  The author originally started to write this book for no one else but for her two young daughters.  A woman who has had several members of her family suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and then to also lose her stepfather only 37 days after being diagnosed with cancer,  Patti was compelled to write.  She wanted to record her life for her two young daughters in order that they would see who she was beyond just the title of Mom.  This book became a means for her to encourage them to live, and to live fully.  She challenges us to do the same.  Life is too short not to.  After picking up this book, the fog that kept me from seeing my own life a little more clearly started to dissipate a little.  I picked up my little three year old, sat her in my lap, and looked at her.  If any of you have young children, I know you have those moments when you are totally blown away at just how much those precious souls have grown.  As I look upon that sweet, cherub face with the big brown eyes, I begin to think to myself,  what stories should I share with her?  How can I encourage her to be both confident and compassionate?  How can I help nurture her to be that beautiful person?  I guess it's simple, really.  Live.  Love.  Laugh.  Cliché I know, but true wouldn't you agree?  The time to record, time to enjoy and experience life as best as we possibly can truly is now.  After giving my daughter a big hug and telling her how much I love her, she looks back up at me and says, "I love you too Mama.  Okay. . . can I go play now?"  My answer:  "Yes, sweetie, we can go play now."

Our task is to say a holy yes 
to the real things in our life.
~Natalie Goldberg

Live in the present moment
wisely and earnestly.


  1. Inspiration... the perfect companion to my morning coffee. Thank you!

  2. Oh Kat.....what a lovely entry! Now you have me even more curious about this book. I can't remember where I heard about it but it's been sitting on my list waiting it's turn and now I may have to move it to the front of the line :)

  3. I never know whether to be very jealous or very grateful of this blog of yours, Kat. I love it - and every time it finds it's way to me it reminds me of what I've been neglecting and where my inspiration, too, has been sleeping. It's so much easier in these afternoon years to let the inspiration nap away and the work to wake it becomes yet another chore to undertake (as you so beautifully wrote yourself) But it's nice to have contact with others who are reminded, and to find those little beautiful moments that clarify every day life as That WHICH is the seed of inspiration. Thank you for sharing this, an evening doing something artistic awaits me, I feel...

  4. WOW....I'm getting it!!!!

    love + luck + bliss,

  5. You envy my craft room, I envy your posts! See? We can't have all! But we can share and be happy with each other accomplishments. Isn't it great? You write so beautifully. This is a very nice one. Very inspiring! Now I am curious about this book and next trip to B&N I will sure to search for it.

  6. So glad to see you back in action Kat. And I think I need to pick this book up myself. I have a creative project I am working through myself and this book sounds awesomely inspiring.

    I am also firmly a believer in things all happening for a reason. glad you have found your reason to start blogging again and I can't wait to read more of your inspirations. :)


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