Sunday, January 4, 2009

.brighten my day.

I was not expecting anything to come in the mail.  Christmas cards would have most likely already arrived.  But what I did find in yesterdays mail though truly brightened my day.  Just a little brown kraft paper envelope addressed to me.  When I opened it up, ahh. . . I found a little fabric pouch adorned with five buttons and a thin card wrapped with several citrus colored threads, as you see here.  Within the pouch was a little card, from a fantastic shop providing me with a gift, in celebration of my upcoming birthday.  Thirty-one.  {gasp!}  
The card will be used, of course, but this little pouch. . . oh how I love the vibrant buttons, all sewn down in a neat row.  You gotta love buttons!  So I say, "thank you, anthropologie" for remembering my birthday this month.  You brightened my day.

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