Friday, January 23, 2009

.is it spring yet?.

So here lately, I have detected quite a bit of "spring fever" taking place on the internet.  Unfortunately, it looks like we've still got two months of winter to deal with before Mother Nature "officially" announces that spring has arrived.  The weather today was much warmer than it has been.  Some trees are already starting to bud.  The picture above was taken several years ago at the BiCentennial Mall here in Nashville.  The cover of the recent Rangefinder magazine reminded me a little of this photo, with its more monotone look at the bottom and gradually working into the pinks and green on top.  Soon enough, the droll grays of winter will be replaced with the more jovial hints of pastel colored tulips, and trees sprinkled with delightful blossoms.  I know.  Doesn't seem like it could get here any quicker.  But it will.  So until then, I shall follow the wisdom of an old Japanese proverb:

One kind word
can warm
three winter months.

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