Tuesday, January 20, 2009

.a day of celebration::a day of change.

Today's date marks a special day for me.  One, it is my 31st birthday.  "Happy Birthday to me!"  Earlier in the day, I spent it at my sister's, watching events unfold in our country on the television while folding laundry.  Later, it was spent with hubby and baby. . . a nice sushi dinner at Omikoshi in Brentwood, a trip to Cool Springs Galleria mall, and then to Target for their 75% off sale!  Oh!  And I got to order a scarf from Anthropologie that has been going in and out of stock since before the holidays.  It will finally be mine!!  Yay!  
Now the second reason for this being a special day is quite obvious I think to anyone who has their televisions on.  It's the inspiring Presidential Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama.  It's a day that has made history in so many ways.  I was proud to see a HAWAIIAN man make it to the White House!  Regardless what your political views are, you cannot mistake the fact that change is coming.  You could feel it in the energy that was clearly present amongst the millions, MILLIONS, of people that made their way to Washington D.C.  Truly a vision of hope, of celebration, of unity.  I pray that this country of ours, will move ahead into a new era, one that will allow our children to grow up knowing better times, seeing positive change, both here at home and in our global environment.  It will take all of us to help this one man to make these changes take shape.  When hope, inspiration and vision are strong. . . that is when we start to see miracles happen.  
So here's an Omikoshi "geisha" drink to you and I, Mr. President, in celebration of a wonderful day!

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