Saturday, January 24, 2009

.the key.

~Dear Stranger,
I found the key you hid behind 
the old mirror in my room.
Many years have gone since you left it,
For what reasons?  I have no clue.
I tried the locks on every door
and even the gate outside.
But none of them would open
no matter how I tried.
Perhaps to a treasure chest,
Somewhere buried in the lawn?
Or sunken deep in an ocean,
now a home for fish and prawn?
Will it unlock the door to a castle,
in a land far, far away?
Or will it free a guilty man 
whose life had gone astray?
Now wait!  Look here!
What is this upon the floor?
A note left for me to read?
How'd I not see it there before?
A letter somehow overlooked
fell from behind the looking glass.
A note for me, a stranger,
with a message from the past.
It reads:

~Dear Stranger. . . 
You have found the key I hid behind 
this old mirror in my room.
It is not a key to greater wealth
nor is it one that saves from doom. 
It is simply just a reminder,
to anyone, great or small, 
that the key to one's own happiness
is in the reflection on the wall.
(a poem by yours truly)

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  1. I absolutely love your work. I'm finally, FINALLY getting a moment to sit down and have a look at your beautiful, beautiful blog and it's making me miss the slow beauty of simply seeing the little lovely every day things. Its made me miss my cozy little nooks in my flat in Edinburgh.
    Such a shame we didn't get to meet up this time I was in Nashville - but Im sure we will in the future!
    Keep up the beautiful work - it genuinly brightens my day, and makes me very, very envious!

    Take care!


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