Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today, I started to stress a little. Just a teensy weeny little bit. April is quickly approaching and I'll be honest, I don't know what is ahead of me, of us, my family. The winds of change are picking up again, just as crazy as the winds that swept through Nashville earlier today. A storm raged through town and just as quickly as it came, it trailed off to another place. I thought that everything would be strewn across the place, branches torn off trees. Nope. Everything was just as it was, only much wetter. It was actually quiet. Peaceful. I looked out my kitchen window and the above photo is what I saw (only not in monotone, but close!). Think there may be a lesson within today's storm.


  1. You must see it this way "There's calm after every storm". Hang in there.

    An amazing shot by the way!

  2. thinking about you in the storm and wishing some calm your way.

    beautiful shot

  3. Storms can certainly look ominous, and we fear the worst. But then their passion is spent and we find peace and calm on the other side, and also, that our fears were unfounded. Lovely shot with lots of expression.

  4. There's always a lesson begging to be interpreted in any storm! Only the very apt-minded and soul-searching of us see that, though ;o)

    love + luck + bliss,

  5. Love the photo. I find fog peaceful and a reminder to trust because the fog keeps you from seeing what may be lurking about. The good news is,, The sun will soon come out and clear the fog away along with your worry of the unknown.

  6. Change, the unknown, the fear of the unknown, it can all be somewhat paralyzing. Sometimes, when it gets beyond what my mind can bear, I reflect on the past, and how, in the end, it has all worked out fairly well, even the toughest of times have had valuable nuggets of wisdom in them.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog; I've been so remiss, decided it's time to just post for kicks :)

    xoxo sweet Kat,

  7. change is not an easy friend to have...but you chose to see what i saw as well

  8. I believe in you... a strong woman with a wonderful man by her side and a wonderful daughter to keep her heart light :)


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