Thursday, March 4, 2010

. a stack of inspiration.

a stack of inspiration
What's the best thing to do when you need some inspiration? Delve into the pages of craft books and spring fashion catalogs! In my case, here are the ones that I am currently perusing, and reabsorbing:
My deepest of gratitude goes out to all the wonderful artists, designers, stylists and photographers who continue to feed my insatiable appetite for creative projects and imagery!

Today was the first day in a LONG time that I actually pulled out and used my 35mm Canon Rebel. For years, this was the camera I took most of my photos with and LOVED it! Of course, once I switched over to digital, my old trusty companion ended up taking a back seat. After my little equipment meltdown that happened last weekend, I thought I'd bring her back out again. So today, I took several photos of my good friend Casie who happened to be in town for a few days. You know what I noticed? I still have film in my camera. I went through 38 exposures between two rolls of 24 exp. film. That was it. What does that tell me? Each shot was composed and thought through carefully (not to say that they'll be perfect as this was a spur of the moment kinda thing). I don't think I've ever shot less than 60+ shots for a portrait session with my DSLR before. Well, I've yet to get my film developed. Will be doing that today. Let's hope they came out alright!


  1. Haha! Kat, c'mon over!
    I'll put the kettle on! ;o)

  2. I've already loved all over the newest anthropolgie and toast catalog and they were yummy !!!

    and one of these old camera AND film are coming out for a play date, too :)

  3. it's funny isn't it, how film makes us slow down. i remembered that as i shot some with the fuji last weekend. i didn't slow down and check my settings and as a result really blew some shots.

    the most vivid example i can think of is going to the botanical gardens with some folks and one guy had a ...oh, wow - how am i forgetting the name of the camera. anyway - very fancy film camera...i took 300+ shots, he took THREE. what a difference.

  4. yes, sometimes, even now, the old fashioned way is still better. technology makes things so easy that things get lost in the process (or the lack of it?).
    your photos are all so lovely, I'm sure these will be as well...

  5. Those books look great! The Artist Mother especially...I know, its so odd to think about film photography now. I often think "how did anyone capture anything in just 24 shots?!?!"
    I can be just photographing little things and then oops, I've got 65 images! I'm an image hog...when I worked at the paper, I had to buy my own image card because I couldnt stand the idea of going somewhere and having less than 100 shots ;)

  6. I am so tempted to take a photography class after viewing more of your blog.:)

  7. I love both film and digital and use both were I see fit, never will I relegate a dear and beloved camera to the shelf. Both film and digital have different feels,looks, and uses. Love this post, love your work, keep it coming.


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