Monday, March 22, 2010

.hints of spring::or::the death of a project.

almost there
Okay, so Spring has officially arrived. I have to tell you though, Winter, oh dear Winter, has still got a pretty firm grip on the trees here in Nashville. Today, temperatures were in the mid 30s and I can't help but feel like I'm being jipped. I long for color. I long for warmth. During a recent trip to Cheekwood, I did notice that there were subtle hints that Spring is slowly making her presence known here. So really, I should just shut up and be patient. ;0)

On to other subjects, I have come to terms with the fact that Project 365 is really just not for me. This means that I will be renaming my flickr album to "A Year in Photos::2010" which will feature my favorite shot for any one particular outing. I think. Who knows. May change that too! Ha! I know that there are folks out there that have been pretty relaxed about the rules for P:365 which I was totally in agreement with. But, after having missed several days, it just seemed wrong to keep the numbers 3-6-5 especially since I could not keep up with being true to "a photo every single day." I originally had this whole sch-peel about the deeper reasoning for not doing this project, but I'll spare you. Suddenly I have this need to read Susan Sontag's essays On Photography.

With all this said, I truly hope every single one of you are having a beautiful start to the week! Let me know how you are.


  1. rules in the creative world often arrives to feed or lead creativity in a new way... if neither keping nor breaking them creates a spark in you, then i reeckon you've made a great choice.
    i'm intrigues by the second photo, what/where is it? i get an image of you balancing on a roof top, shooting the shingles :-)
    enjoy the spring.

  2. Kat, if there's anything I've learned over the years it's that life does not cater to us. We may have the best dreams, intentions, plans, and wishes but life (chaotic, demanding, stressful life) has other ideas for us. Taking a photo a day might not be a reality, but the truth is that your pictures and stories are dynamic and thoughtful; they come from a real place and aren't forced... isn't that all that matters? :)

    P.S. Beautiful pix in this post!

  3. Thanks, both of you!

    Stella~ I took both of these
    photos in the Japanese garden
    at Cheekwood, here in Nashville.
    The shot of the tiles were of
    the top of a wall that stood
    beside the pavilion. ;0)

  4. These are both lovely shots. Don't feel compelled to do something - eventually you'll come to resent it. Shoot and post when the spirit moves you.

  5. I'm trying to have some fun after some months of stress, but its not going as fast as I would like it to.

    Back to your blog. I don't mind what the name of your photo album is as long as you keep on coming with the photos.

    The second shot is amazing.

  6. the sooner we "go with the flow" of life the better it is just take beautiful photos ..3 6 5 or whenever kat...


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