Monday, March 15, 2010

.waiting for some color.

I've been taking quite a bit of photos of the sky lately. The dramatic cloud formations highlighted by the intensity of the sun. Makes me realize how nice it is to actually be outside! The weather is warming up, thank goodness, which can only mean that Nashville will bursting with color soon! Some parts of the world are already there!


  1. I'm happy for you to be able to see such clouds, all I see is rain and dark clouds with no signs of the sun anywhere :(.

    Great shot, love the sun-rays.

  2. Gorgeous shot! It's warming up here in Florida too... the seemingly neverending winter is giving way to sunny skies and fresh breezes; regardless of my allergies, I love it :)

  3. oh yes light feels good!!!
    and this photo is gorgeous!

  4. I loves clouds and sunlight, so wonderfully divine. Makes a person smile!


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