Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.back to basics.

Film.  These are just a few of the shots that I took with a Canon AE-1 that I recently acquired from a friend in exchange for photography lessons.  Yay!  There's something to be said about shooting with an old manual camera.  The fact that you know you've only got X amount of frames to work with, having to get your exposure settings right, manually focusing, and then after pressing the shutter button. . . the wait.  Well, I was pretty pleased to find that this camera works perfectly fine and I'm anxious to shoot more!  Got a photo shoot in the morning so we'll see the results in black and white!  


  1. i purchased a pentax to get back to the basics and have loved it.

    these are great.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I miss film so much....and the smell of a darkroom!! Makes me feel so old, lol. Missing you and trying to get back into our little world ;o) hope all is beautiful with you, love ♥

    so much
    love + luck + bliss,


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