Sunday, April 10, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚9.

Okay, once again, it's technically a "good afternoon Sunday" to all of you!  And once again, it will be a short post as I've got very little time today BUT I wanted to make sure to stop by and meet with you.  Last week was productive.  I had a little photo shoot with the lovely Sarah (above) and hope to have several more photo shoots with this super fun lady over the next several months.  It has been such a long time since I have been behind the lens and it was nice being able to get back out and shoot!  My portfolio is in dire need of some new work and it's about due time that I get crackin' at it!  So. . . more photos to come!  Yay!   I don't have a list for you today.  Sorry!  However, can I just share that I have found myself to be über excited about this movie coming out!  Have a wonderful week ahead friends!


  1. love love love the closeup and the 1st shot. the 2nd is great showing edge work.

    :) great job

  2. Love the bottom photo... The eyes are so vivid!


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