Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.you have to start somewhere.

Photographer David Eustace recently made a comment that I found truly valuable.  He said, "I still love the line from the King's Speech, 'Yes, you do have a voice.'  I wish more younger people would creatively express theirs these days, even in fear of making mistakes or sounding naïve, rather than sheepishly follow this awful recent trend where the popular route is often chosen simply to please others.  As a dear friend, the artist Alex Main once said, 'Mediocrity will always be at its best.'"  This statement has been the best advice I've heard in awhile and I really really needed it.  

There's a reason why my camera sat on the shelf for a long time.  Yes, I've taken a few photos here and there, but that drive that had been there years ago had diminished to where even taking family photographs have been few and far between.  Why?  My confidence was broken.  I allowed frustration and mistakes to hinder me from moving forward, instead of forcing my way through them.  I began fighting this battle  that I think every artist fights at some point in their creative lives:  pursue creative vision vs. pursuing what sells.  In a conversation I had with a fellow photographer, not too long ago, there was this question of what audience we should  be catering our photographs to.  What I have been learning in the last few weeks is that that audience should first be me.  Too often I think we tend to curb our vision to what we feel others will like as opposed to sticking true to what our vision is.  Next thing we know, we have lost our own voice in the muddle. But it's never too late to step out and be. . . yourself. 
In order to achieve anything in this life, we have to start somewhere, like right here, right now, with humility and perseverance.  Today, I can honestly tell you that I am inspired.  I am encouraged.  My camera and I have been reacquainted and the reunion has been a beautiful one.  I'm challenging myself to raise the bar a little higher.  Step out a little further.  Live life a little more fuller.  I'm building my portfolio and in the process, I'm meeting and working with wonderful people.  Personal projects are in the works.  Ideas are flowing.  Honestly, I'm starting to feel alive and awake again.  It's like springtime in the soul!  Ha!  Looking forward to sharing these projects with you as they happen.  Here's to perseverance!  I hope I don't let you down!  Thank you for letting me ramble this morning.  Oh, before I go, here is a fantastic post written by another talented photographer, Chris Orwig.  I hope it inspires you as it did me. 


  1. This was beautiful... and so true! I am very inspired by fellow photographers (you included, of course) but I still believe that my own unique vision, style, and personality are present in my photos. While I greatly appreciate and cherish the positive feedback, what counts most is how *I* feel about my own creation... so I push myself to stay fresh and focused and true to myself... and I know you do the same. Here's to you, Kat, and to our network of guidance and inspiration!

  2. I love this post. So true, so very true! I've been thinking about finding my own voice and the importance of being authentic a lot lately. Maybe that's why this resonates so much with me.
    And you are headed in the right direction, lovely. Your photos now have a new quality to them. I can see that.

  3. I appreciate this post, It's heartening too know that everyone goes thru this at some point in there visual career and that there is a way through to the other-side of the doubt. Sometimes, just having a little patients and calm and working hard on what I believe is important, without listing to others voices. Thanks again for the great post.

  4. wow....brilliantly written. brilliantly said.
    i know those times of feeling less than confident. and when we come out of those self induced comas, well, a new day begins and how sweet it is.

  5. You could never let me down...You are always inspiring and your words honest...
    That photo is fabulous. Striking. Evocative.
    Have a beautiful weekend .kat.

  6. i know the small feelings and the soul destroying periods of being unsure. however, i want you to know - i love your work. i think you have an evocative style that makes me wonder and want to explore it. i am glad you're breaking through your barriers.


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