Sunday, April 17, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚10.

Good morning friends!  Once again, I hope this Sunday morning finds all of you well.  Without further ado, here is my list for today:
  • Last week was a pretty busy week.  Had a couple of photo shoots.  Yay!  I'm also in the process of working on a personal project that will probably take a good while to complete.  The above photos are some of the shots I took to inspire me.  
  • Picked up a copy of Super Natural Everyday, by Heidi Swanson.  I LOVE it!  I'm not a vegetarian but the recipes look so delicious that I had to get it.  Plus, I did say "LOOK so delicious" because her photographs are beautiful.  More on this book soon.
  • I love photo essay books.  I hate how expensive they are, but I love them nonetheless.  And one I'd love to add to my library is Irving Penn's Small Trades.  The book features a collection of portraits Penn took in Paris, London, and New York between the years 1949 to 1951.  It was a personal project he had to photograph different trades people dressed in their work clothes.  Or in the case of the sculptor model. . . no clothes.  The book shows an array of different workers:  from the dingy chimney sweep, the heavily geared deep-sea diver, a long-legged fishnet wearing rockette, to firemen and busboys.  It is a fascinating documentary, giving us a glimpse into the past as many of the trades he photographed are no longer prevalent in our society today.  A brilliant book by one of the world's great Masters of Photography.
  • Another photographer to add to the list today is Robert Szabo.  If any of you happened to pick up a copy of last week's Sunday paper, you probably noticed that on the front cover of Parade magazine was a very nostalgic looking photograph of Robert Redford.  His portrait was taken using the wet plate collodion method which Robert Szabo is well-known for.  I had seen Mr. Szabo's work before and was stoked to see it again in my paper.  When you visit his website, you will enjoy browsing through an interesting gallery of images.  From still life, marionettes, to portraits of swashbuckling pirates and parlor girls, his photos seem to have come from a different era.  
  • And last but not least, wise words and inspiration from a photographer I continue to admire.
Have a beautiful week friends!  Oh wait!  Wait!!  If you love 80s rock and a good laugh, you HAVE TO watch these two videos:  "Love is a Battlefield" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart."  I laughed so hard I cried!  Okay, 'til next time!


  1. Thank you for all the photography inspiration! I always love to immerse myself in the work of photographers (and I probably have spent a fortune on photo essay books).
    Curious about your personal project - I hope you share it when you are ready.

    And one last thing - your beach photos from your previous post made me long for the ocean real hard. I wish I lived closer.

  2. Awesome... and I love how those videos wormed their way into your blog... HA!

  3. hope to hear how you like the cookbook ...and your project looks exciting kat...

  4. love the photography links and your stuff. and yes...i laugh every time i see love is a battlefield.


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