Tuesday, January 12, 2010

.always in prayer.

always in prayer
There was a passage in the book I'm reading, The Wolf at Twilight, that truly struck a chord with me. It read: Always in prayer. Arms always up, facing the sky. Reminds us we need to pray. When the ribbon moves in the wind, we know the spirit's listening. The character in the book was refering to trees and the prayer ribbon. These beautiful beings I like to call the silent givers are my favorite subjects to photograph besides people. I never really thought about why that is until now. They stand wherever they have been planted and endure the elements without complaint. They have watched as their environment, our environment, has changed over the years and never have we asked their opinion. What would they say you think? Trees have always been a symbol of life, of growth, of giving, and now, prayer. They have helped to house the littlest of creatures, as well as provide the structure for our own homes. They have provided shade and protection from those who seek its shelter. The tree was the muse that inspired poet and musician Shel Silverstein to write the classic chilren's book The Giving Tree little over 4o years ago.

Today, I realize it was meant for me to take this photo. Later on in the afternoon, my husband received some news about his job situation that looks rather bleak at the moment. As I gaze upon this image now, I am reminded to lift my face to the sky and very simply pray.



  1. beautiful shot and beautiful reminder

  2. What a lovely message that you were given through that book and through your artistic eye! So often I feel I "miss" those beautiful words of encouragement and wisdom from above! Praying with you!

  3. This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous photo. I hope it gives you some peace in calm amidst the worry you're facing. I've always found that God will lead you to safety, even when things seem overwhelming.


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