Saturday, January 16, 2010

.cardamom makes everything taste beautiful.

coriander seeds
This evening, I was introduced to drinking coffee black and flavored with a little bit of cardamom. At first, I was a little hesitant as I always drink my coffee with some milk or creamer. The thought of drinking coffee black freaks me out. But I am beginning to learn, just as one of my new Middle Eastern friend tells me, "a little bit of Hayl (cardamom) makes everything taste beautiful." I must say, I have to agree with him.


**When I originally posted this, I mentioned that the spice used was coriander. I was mistaken. These are cardamom pods. Oopsy! Glad I didn't start sending out recipes! Ha!


  1. WOW, I need to try that! I do drink my coffee black (simply because Im lazy) but this sounds lovely!

  2. LOL love your postcript. and the shot is just gorgeous

  3. Great shot but I'm not convinced by the idea! Maybe I'll give it a go sometime...

  4. Wonderful shot! I didn't know that's what they looked like. I love Cardamom when baking. I'll have to try it in coffee now!

  5. i just found your blog through Elk. so glad too. i drink my coffee black but i think i'll have to try the added cardamon. love the detail in the photo.
    I plan to come back here again. have a good day.


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