Thursday, January 7, 2010

.baking for bali.

baking for bali
I am a firm believer that every child, and adult for that matter, should be given the opportunity to travel to another part of the world at least once in their lifetime. So when the Doorways Traveler beauty Lisa Field-Elliot mentioned that her daughter was planning a trip to Bali to work with International Doorways, and that her way of earning enough money for the trip was by selling cookies, I knew that I had to place an order! I received my box of highly anticipated chocolate chip goodness yesterday and let me tell you, they're AWESOME!! Big, chunky, and oh so yummy! It was such a nice treat to come home to today, especially after having to pull my pickup truck that slid off the icy road and into a ditch on my way home from work. (Another story all together!) And soft pink tissue paper is always nice. You can read more about Marandah and her wonderful plans for Bali by clicking here. So what do you say we all chip in and see that this young lady's dream opportunity becomes a reality! Wishing you all the best Marandah!



  1. the artful way you compose your photos, your sites, your words is just lovely, kat.

    thank you. so beautiful.


  2. i followed lisa's link to your blog - beautiful, clean design and i want one of those muffins NOW you have captured it so perfectly.

  3. wuoh... did u manage to go to bali then??? i love to hear that you are willing to have a trip to bali...=)
    btw, im following ur blog.. its lovely...

  4. Oh will no, not me. Marandah,
    the young lady who baked these
    wonderful treats is the one who
    will be making a trip to Bali.
    I wish I could go! Maybe one day.


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