Sunday, January 17, 2010

.at the parthenon.

lil' photographer
A trip to Centennial Park meant that we had to stop and snatch some photos at the Parthenon. As the sun began its descent, it cast its warm glow over the Monument. Both the wee one and I pulled out our cameras and took a few photos. This one I took of her. Below is the photo that she captured. When I created a diptych of the two photos side-by-side, I knew this of course meant that a new photo project must be started. Diptychs made up of photos between myself and my little photographer. Let's see where this new journey takes us!
sunburst by aisie
::by A.


  1. wow, these are gorgeous! What light!

  2. love this pairing - that's one place i haven't visited when i've been there


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