Sunday, February 7, 2010

.good morning sunday, good morning friends.

good morning sunday
Good morning my friends. I know. It's been. . . months. I know. There have been so many posts started, and never finished. So much that I wanted to share with you, but I just could NOT get it out right. Every time I would attempt to, it ended up being like that fast moving stream of just nothing but words that didn't make any sense. So, I decided to go easy on myself this fine Sunday morning by filling you in on what's been going on with a list:

  • I have been doing a lot of blogging here.
  • The local charity I mentioned in my previous post DID take me on as a volunteer. I am working with a wonderful family from the Middle East, teaching them English and learning Arabic at the same time. It has been a humbling and immensely rewarding experience for me. This experience reminds me every time I see them, that no matter what race, what backgrounds we come from, or what creed we follow. . . we all still laugh and love the same way.
  • I was in a car accident on my birthday. My little one was in the truck with me when it happened. The vehicle was totaled, but my sweet one and I came out of it just fine. My prayer has been that only positive things come from this scary ordeal.
  • Remember last year's attempt at Project 365? Well I've started a new one this year. Granted I am off several days, but that was due to the lack of motivation that stemmed from the accident. Picked up where I left off so every day from here on out is an opportunity for new images!
  • I finally opened an Etsy shop. I'll be honest, it scares me only because it's MY store. I'm so terrified of screwing up that sometimes that hinders me from taking risks, like opening up my own shop. Well, it's up. It's not perfect. I know it still needs more "fluff" or something AND more listings. But I'm working on it. Now go buy a print or two! ;o)
  • This year, my main goal has been to keep myself inspired and motivated to create. My photography has been so important to me, to who I am and this year, I plan to push myself harder by working on and COMPLETING projects I have had in my head for years. It's been slow going at the moment but things will pick up once the weather warms up a little.
Now that I've listed everything, I think that's everything, it doesn't look like much does it? I do hope this finds all of you well! I will try my best to pop over here more often than I have as of late. But do head over to my photoBlog every now and again. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend and a wonderful start to a new week!


  1. love the update. I was about put up my 365 shots (it's such a chore! LOL)

  2. you have been creating such beautiful Etsy shop how exciting!

  3. Dear kat, hope you're ok after your accident, I had no idea? Glad you are ok though. love Emma x


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