Sunday, February 7, 2010


Okay so this image may not be exactly what you would describe as "girly" or "romantic." Well, I don't know. There might be a hint of romanticism that can be attributed to these old remnants of clothing. Buttons. I wonder what types of garments they were originally a part of. Suits. Dresses. How old do you think some of them are? Especially these, which were purchased at an antique store in Bell Buckle. What stories do you think they'd tell? Perhaps. . . a few of them were originally sewn onto a dress worn by a fair, young Tennessee belle whose dark haired lover, in a fit of lust, ripped apart her bodice, scattering bookoos (or is it beaucoup?) of buttons all over the place! That's romantic right?! Ha ha! Buttons: the fragments of passions untold!


  1. oh and how I love a pile of buttons....picking them up and letting them fall slowly from my hands...

  2. like the buttons with left over thread still there.elk

  3. i like that idea. love the buttons

  4. great picture. I like the text with the buttons.


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