Saturday, February 6, 2010

.love to create.

love wip
There is something about making handmade items that just cannot be replaced by store bought. It's personal. It has meaning. It's special. I love to create, but I cannot tell you the countless times I've gone into a craft store, mind full of ideas and projects, to come home with oodles and oodles of supplies only to not have the time, or the energy, to bring any of those ideas to fruition. I hate that. My hubby hates that because that means there's just more "crap" [gasp!] cluttering up the spare room. But I do love making things. Unfortunately, it seems as if the stars have to align before I can become inspired and motivated enough to get things done (that also applies to other things like housework). Today, I was FINALLY able to work on a Secret Valentina gift for a lady in my Unravelling group. I just hope that when I mail it off on Monday that she will get it in time for Valentine's Day!! Did I mention she lives overseas? YIKES! Working on this piece really got me to thinking about how much a really miss working with paints, and oil pastels, and scissors, and glue, and. . . and. . . artsy craftsy stuff. It brings me back to childhood memories spent at my grandparents' in Kailua, drawing and painting away as if I too was an artist getting ready for a big art show or craft fair. I miss that unbridled spirit of creating without inhibition. Children are a good reminder of that spirit. At times, I watch my little girl, crayon in hand, large drawing pad laid out in front of her, scribbling away, laughing at her own creation. "Mama! Look! Lion! Raaawwrrr! See his feet?" And although the large mass of circles and lines look nothing like a man-eating feline to me, she believes it does and she has all the confidence in the world that it is. I want that kind of confidence and freedom. We can learn so much from kids.

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once we grow up.


  1. I love this and I can fully empathize... James and I both agree that our next home MUST have a "sacred space" just for our art projects which have, sadly, fallen by the wayside. It's wonderful to see you creating something, even if it's a little at a time... GO KAT GO :)

  2. :) i know this feeling well, i have two going overseas too. i hope they get there in time


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