Monday, February 1, 2010

.getting in touch with my feminine side.

my feminine side
It's been a long time since I've seen her, Gypsophilia, my romantic, feminine self. I cannot tell you the last time I walked into a Victoria Secret with the kind of confidence one has when they know, I will look good in this. Instead, I have found more cotton drawers that resemble the ones my Grandmother wore [OH MY GOSH!] than the soft, dainty lace ones I used to love to buy simply because they were so pretty! Naturally being the tomboy that I am, there has been a whole lotta denim, and a lot less lace lately. But still, where'd that girly side of me go?! She's been either hibernating, or frolicking in some distant meadow without me for way too long! Someone please tell me it's not too late for me! Today, finally able to venture out of the house to run errands, I found myself entering a shop and bought a bottle of perfume, something I haven't done in ages. In an attempt to enchant my senses, I decided that yes, perfume has to be the best way to go to draw miss Gypsophilia back to the surface. With February having been tagged the Month of Love, I've decided to dedicate this month to the celebration of love and femininity. Ahh yes, I dare say, romance is in the air. . . with subtle hints of musk, amber, and dusky flora.


  1. Bring out that magical woman within, my friend!

    And what, praytell, is the name of the perfume?

    Love it :)

  2. the images are serisouly gorgeous as always....and i feel the same way...always been a tomboy but the "girly" in me has really taken a vacay off somewhere on a tropical island without me, i think, lol!

    ....thank you so much for the complimets on the mag, Kat!!!!

    The image is from Anna Dobos, a photographer I have admired for a very long time (and she's way younger than me, lol), she is phenomenal, isn't she??

  3. Such a sweet, soft, feminine image. I'm guilty of this too, though I'm not really a tomboy. But as a mummy of two small children, I've fallen into function over form. You've inspired me to seek out my inner girly girl!

  4. So very pretty.
    We can all be girly and strong and feminine and sporty and tough and pretty at the same time. That's what makes being a woman so great. :)

  5. You made me think that I never really walk in shops alike and not even in that section of department stores. I get the basic stuff and run away. The cotton, white stuff! I am not a tom boy but I became practical in some areas of my life. I wonder what hubs thinks, I never ask. Once he about wearing some girly stuff. He was clear but I did not get the message. Hmmm, you gave me dirty ideas. HAHAHA! Not parfum. I like it on others but if I wear it, I will get sick the rest of the day! I like lotions. Nivea stuff. I love that Nivea stuff.
    I will come back to read other posts I've missed...xoxoxo


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