Thursday, February 4, 2010

.quiet time.

Today, I've been so dizzy, light-headed, and just overall worn out. There's been so much rattling about in my head. I wish, just for a moment, they could just be still long enough for me to sort them all out. Maybe I haven't been getting much sleep. The situation with the accident has yet to be settled, although everything is in my favor, it is still wearing on me. Perhaps I just need some quiet time. A moment of peace to reflect, to think, to let go. . . all without the distractions of the day. So, anyone out there willing to babysit? ;o)


  1. oh, i hope you find a babysitter - i think that everyone needs alone time to consider, etc.

    love this shot - of course you knew that i would seeing that it's flowers in a bottle.

  2. And a blue one! ;O)

    Thanks Char. No babysitters
    but that's okay. I managed
    to get to bed EARLY and that
    was really what I needed.
    A nap. Ha ha!

  3. Oh Kat, if I wasn't halfway around the world I'd come babysit. I hope you managed to get a bit of sleep and are feeling a bit better.

    (lovely photo too)


  4. This picture is so peaceful... and beautiful. I love the glow of natural light :)

  5. Amazing photo...Hope you got some extra sleep!!
    Supa-smoochies....Will the little peeps snuggle up to read with you? Good luck, love your blog. ;) (fab scents for your dwelling!)


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