Sunday, February 28, 2010

.good morning, sunday::no. 3.

good morning, sunday::part trois
Okay, it's actually Sunday afternoon but that's alright right?
  • Had two photoshoots this weekend. The first one being of a co-worker of mine. I foresee some future sessions with him as he is a very photogenic individual. And, the other was of a long time friend of mine. . .
  • . . . David E. who created the character Cactus Jack, a frontiersman, who travels throughout the country, educating kids about the Old West. He is such a wonderful person who is so full of ideas and energy! When I decided to create my own Character Project, he was the first person to come to mind. We went out of town for our photo session and after just a handful of shots, my brand new camera malfunctioned on me. Needless to say, I am pretty POed. Fortunately, he was very understanding. We did manage to spend a lot of time brainstorming and getting pumped for new possibilities so it wasn't a total loss of a day. So stay tuned!
  • I've been thinking a lot about my "brand" and trying to figure out how to tie everything together. From my website, to my blog, to my shop. A lot of these thoughts have sprung up after reading The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin. There are more things that I want to do with my photography, but it's trying to figure out what and how.
  • Any day now, I will be receiving my new Holga and the current issue of Light Leaks magazine. [yay!]
  • At the end of the week, I'll be introducing you to yet another blog that I'm involved with. This one will be featuring a photo or two taken between myself and my dear friend Kerri. I'll let you know when it's ready for viewing.
  • Spring is near. Do you feel it?!
Have a wonderful week my friends! And remember, when doing a photoshoot, always bring some backup! ;o)

**Sorry it took so long to post this. I didn't realize it wasn't up 'til this morning. ha!


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your shared photo project with Kerri! You're both very talented and do a great job behind and in front of the camera :)

  2. sounds like lots of exciting things

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  4. I love your sunday chats...
    you have all week to do and find and then share it with us just ONE day a week...I could learn something from you !

    and when you find that "what to do with my photography and wanting more" answer, can you give me a sneak peek before I take that same test ?

  5. I know what it's like trying to figure out the "what and how". I think that sometimes, it's ever-changing.....which makes it all the more special. It's an evolution of sorts and I'm happy to be able to witness yours!

    love + luck + bliss


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