Thursday, February 25, 2010


crape myrtle seed pods
Wow. I am exhausted. It's been a pretty busy week, which is good. Spent most of today with my best friend and her little baby J. Newborns are so sweet. . . and TINY! I seriously don't remember A. ever being that little, but she was. Before I left their home, I snagged a few branches off of her crape myrtle to take home and photograph. These seed pods are just so interesting to look at. Honestly, I'm not that crazy about the way I processed this image, but I'm too tired to care right now. ha ha!

Before I go (because I really need to go before cranky Kat comes out) I wanted to thank my sweet friend Emma at the Orchard Studio for featuring me on her blog today! It totally made my day! Thank you. :O) You all are so kind and I cannot express how humbled I am by your support. I love you guys! Wishing each and every one of you a beautiful start to an awesome weekend!!


  1. I think the photo is beautiful... not only because it's one of my favorite trees :)

    And congrats again and again for getting such well-deserved exposure from wonderful artists!

  2. I think the processing is perfect and I would kill to have a crepe myrtle to shoot right now....

  3. This is lovely! It has such a strong spatial feel to it.

    It's not the pods that intrigue me as much as the spaces between them!

    Well, there's that, and there's the feeling that one pod is a mutant Packman guy bent upon eating the others.

  4. SPG- That Pacman comment cracked
    me up! I never even noticed that
    one "mutant" pod until you said
    that. TOO funny!!

  5. A great shot! Love the selective DoF - really brings out the subject against the soft background.


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