Friday, February 26, 2010

.carefree in the sun.

carefree in the sun

A: Mama, we go swing today?
K: Honey, it's too cold outside.
A: Mama? We go park? We go SWING?!
K: We'll see.
A: Mama? I go swing.
K: You are?
A: Yea. You come too Mama?
K: Yea, I think I'll come too.

That was the short, condensed version of the conversations that Lil' Miss A. and I had throughout the day. The sun was out and it looked so inviting outside. That was until you actually stepped out. A nice, frigid gust of wind blowing against your pale, sun deprived face. BRRR!! But that didn't stop A. from hauling butt to the vehicle. Her favorite thing to do in all the world is to ride the swing (and the carousel, although she hasn't really asked to do that in a while). Her sweet pleas were just breaking my heart, so I caved in. Besides, I really could've used some good ol' Solar-Vitamin D myself! Once we got to the park, straight to the swings she went. I slid her into a seat, then began to send my kid flying up into the air. Push Mama, push! she cried. A smile so big spread across her rosy cheeked face. And there she was, swinging away, head leaned back, in complete and total bliss.


  1. oh, this makes my heart soar because i can imagine my nieces saying that too

  2. they teach us so much about life kat

  3. The freedom, joy, and simplicity of childhood is a beautiful thing... and you captured it so well :)

  4. this photo is priceless: a rush of joy and of liberty!

  5. so sweet, it is always great to step back into childhood and see it through their eyes...

  6. That just wonderful, what a priceless memory.

  7. how can they be so wise at such a young age... lovely photos!


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