Sunday, February 21, 2010

.good morning, sunday::no. 2.

good morning, Sunday::No. 2
Good morning friends! I hope this finds all of you well and still holding strong for the arrival of Spring! She's not too far away, thank GOD!! Well, here is a recap of happenings since my last post:
  • We FINALLY made a purchase on a "new to us" vehicle. A 2002 Nissan XTerra. It's almost like driving my old pickup, but WAY different. ;o)
  • My kid sister and her long time love from high school decided to finally get married. They made the decision on a Sunday and scheduled to get hitched on Friday. Yeah. We bought her dress on Thursday, got her flowers early Friday morning, got her hair done, made her bouquet, took photos of the whole day and voila! A simple, intimate, and beautiful wedding!
  • My tax return went towards getting a new camera. I'm now the Mama of a new Canon 50D. You would think that I would be all out thrilled to play with this thing. On the contrary. With the way things have been going lately, I've been too scared to fearing she's gonna break on me somehow! I'm silly. I realize this now.
  • After having "read" this book with the kids during Storytime yesterday, I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! The illustrations already have swept me away to deepest parts of the sea, but the story of the camera. . . it gave me chills. . . the good kind.
  • Another book I happened to pick up yesterday was this one titled, The Artistic Mother, by Shona Cole. It intrigued me because I thought that perhaps I fit the title, or at least, I'm trying to fit the title. In her book, Shona emphasizes the importance creativity has in the lives of mothers. I have to agree with her. Making the time to do something creative is a lot harder than you think it would be. She has put together a "12 Week" program featuring a craft to work on per week. This book also some thoughts and advice from a handful of other well-known artistic Moms, like Rebecca Sower, Misty Mawn and Susan Tuttle. The Artistic Mother is definitely a book worth taking a look at, and maybe even buying one to take home!
  • And speaking of the artistic mother, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my lovely friend, Zee Longenecker for giving me a shout out on her blog, Hey, Zee! She happened to be one of those artsy-craftsy Moms whose work was featured in Artful Blogging magazine. I was truly impressed with her creations, and had to make a comment on her then blog [Pixie Blossoms] telling her so. From that, I gained a truly beautiful and talented friend. Thank you again Zee you sweetie pie!
Well folks, think I'm going to make a trip out to the lake! The sun's SHINING!! Woo hoo! Beautiful beautiful wishes to you all!


  1. the book sounds great - I know you will enjoy it. and yay for shoutouts!

  2. Yay! So wonderful to hear GOOD news :)

  3. Ooh great news! Xterra is a nice car, my type. I have an Endeavor for 5 years now. Never had problems with it, but hubby once crashed with it but after spending 2 weeks in the shop, came home just like new!
    You will love the 50D. I always use the live view for still life. least that magazine was good for something! HAHA!
    It's snowing a bunch here, non stop.


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