Saturday, February 26, 2011

. be the storyteller.

I have learned a valuable lesson over the course of the last week or so.  Several lessons, actually.  But the one that stands out in my mind the most is this: when we no longer have stories to tell, we are not really living.  It is the stories of our lives that truly make up who we are.  I don't know about you, but I'm hoping my life makes for a good read.  I think back to the stories my GrandDad shared with me. . . over and over.   Ha! He knew they were pretty interesting and had even started to write his own memoir.  The title he was going to give it was Stories from the Sea Chest.  While he was in the hospital, I happened to find that sea chest in the spare room of his home.  When I opened it, I had expected to find typewriter paper bundled up with tales from his time in Egypt or Kure Island.  Instead I found an old pair of binoculars, and a lot of other odds and ends.  It was the binoculars that I thought were so interesting.  A glass piece was missing, but otherwise, it was still very much intact.  What did he see through these?  Where did he get it?  I'm sure if he were still here, sitting there in his worn, yet comfy green chair, he'd start his conversation with, "Oh, I haven't seen those in years.  It reminds me of the time when . . . "

Let's open up that heavy old door to that room filled with all our memories.  Pull out an old volume, the one coated with a thick layer of dust.  Open it up.  Do you remember any of these stories?  Do you have pictures?  I LOVE the ones with pictures!  What were your favorites?  I'd love for you to tell me about them.  Have I ever told you about the time I took a Greyhound bus from Nashville to Los Angeles and back?  If you ask, I will.  What new adventures would you like to embark on?  Tell me about those too.  Sit with me awhile friend, I have time.

Here is a video that I want to share with you.  This was filmed by Grant Howard and Kip Kubin, the two wonderful souls who gave my Grandpa the chance to be a music video "star."  You two are angels. 


  1. I am honored that you are sharing these beautiful memories and feelings... thank you, my friend. And I would *love* to hear your special stories, especially the Greyhound adventure ;)

  2. Me too, I would love to hear your stories. Please, share them with us! I love the way you write.

  3. Before I forget..I wanted to say just what a wonderful face your Grandfather had! Such softness and joy there.
    What a wonderful post Kat. It immediately brought to mind a trip that I made with my Mother back in 1999. My husband had just been promoted and transfered to Sacramento, CA. We were living in Georgia at the time. We had also just come home from China with our first daughter. My Mom and I decided to drive from GA to CA for various reasons. My husband had already started working his new job so Mom and I packed up the car and headed across the country. We had my 15 month old daughter, 2 dogs and a cat. It was a wild week but so much fun. We laughed till we cried some days and had such a wonderful time together. 2600 miles......even more memories. She talked about that trip often and even recalled it after much of her memories were taken by Alzheimer's disease. Thanks for jogging my memory. I'd love to hear about your Greyhound adventure!

  4. i always love sitting in the kitchen swapping stories best


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