Thursday, February 3, 2011

.Character :: David Eller.

When I first decided I wanted to embark on this "Character Project" adventure, one of the first people that came to my mind to photograph was this man:  David Eller.  A long time friend, David is a man of many talents.  A artist, actor, filmmaker, musician, crypto-zoologist (this one being my favorite!), and adventurer, to name just a few.  If I was given only one word that I could use to describe him, that word would be passionate.  When you sit down to a conversation with David, all the emotion that one can possibly possess about a certain subject is animated before your very eyes.  Ideas flow from his mind like the rushing waters that make up the Niagara Falls.  That energy he puts forth into a project is contagious.  One cannot help but be drawn  to the vivid imagination that is all his own and not be excited about it.   In one conversation, he talked about a show for children that he created, the main character being a frontiersman by the name of Cactus Jack, who goes out introducing kids to the people and places that make up the Old West.  Currently, the show airs on Public Access Television in Nashville, Tennessee.  After  having watched a couple of episodes alongside a very picky critic, my three year old, we were impressed!  The catchy opening song sent my daughter into a dancing fit, caught up in laughter and having a good ol' time.  And so, it was this Cactus Jack character that I wanted to capture late last February, on a very chilly afternoon.  Unfortunately, our photoshoot was cut short when my brand new camera killed over.  This was when I learned that you should always, ALWAYS bring a backup.  So, here are a just a few of the shots we took that day.  We already have plans to shoot more this year so be on the lookout! 

Cactus Jack

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