Thursday, February 3, 2011

.for the love of film.

Mystery.  I think that's the word that would best describe why I still have a soft spot for analog film.  The convenience of digital, I think, takes away so much of the emotion that one has in the moment they snap a photograph.  With a push of a button, we can immediately critique an image and in seconds shoot some more until we believe we are satisfied.  Film teaches us patience, something that is truly lacking in our instant world today.  Even with instant film, there is still a wait!  :D

Earlier in the week, I found this wonderful video via Elle and thought that you beautiful souls would enjoy it too!  


  1. analog also teaches me that magic can still happen when i breath, take the time and compose. i forget again until i see the film come back and i have that "ahhh" moment

  2. True about patience!!! It is also much more peaceful. I take much more time when I am shooting film, trying to find the perfect angle, with digital, I am just shooting a few different angles and then I choose my favorite one.
    to be fair to digital, it's a great (and much cheaper) way to learn about light, frame, etc...
    But now I am madly in love with film photo!!!


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