Friday, February 11, 2011

.etsy on vimeo.

This morning, during my little stroll down Cyber Lane, I came upon a cheery little place called Vimeo, and today, what I found there was so amazing!  Etsy on Vimeo!  It was there that I found some of the most interesting and talented folks, all of whom happen to sell their wonderful wares on Etsy.

This video happens to be my favorite!  How can you not love "geeks who make geekery"?

Here are some other videos I think you'll enjoy!


  1. Oh, so cool that you shared these videos. I have not seen them yet. Dottie Angel's is so colorful and bright. Lovely. I will be back to watch the other ones later. Something good to share on the blog. I am so without ideas for that blog.

  2. i think it is cheerful and inviting


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