Saturday, February 26, 2011

.a year of mornings.

a new book :: a year of mornings
I love books.  I love books with pictures.  I love books about pictures.  I love books about people taking pictures, and sharing pictures, and . . . well you get the idea.  I first came across a copy of A Year of Mornings, a photo book based on the collaborative photo blog of Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, back during the holidays last year.  I didn't purchase it right away.  Honestly, I felt guilty for wanting to buy it (why?!  I have no idea.) so I waited.  That is until yesterday.  The year long documentation of mornings between two friends living 3191 miles apart is such an inspiration.  Their images reflect those quiet mornings we savor while at the breakfast table when the light is soft and very simply, perfect.  I needed this book.  It reminds me that it's okay to photograph stuff that we would normally blow off as mundane.  Not every photograph that we take has to be worthy of an art exhibit.  So, with that renewed frame of mind, I too shot a photograph before noon to document what my day consisted of.  Rags (aka the hubby's former white t-shirts) and furniture polish.  Not quite the glamorous side to the domestic life, but hey, at least my furniture's shiny! 

morning shot :: rags and polish


  1. love love love this book. their creative projects blow me away. so simple yet so beautiful

  2. there is an art to the everyday photo. tara one of my daily reads makes her home look so cozy and inviting, when all she is doing is taking everyday shots. it's quite beautiful.

    just like yours, there is a peace in the activity.


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