Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.soak it all in.

the boardwalk

the sea

superman & the sun

spring is on the way
It was such a beautiful day yesterday.  Clear blue skies, temperatures just slightly under 70 degrees.  The wind was exhilarating.  This was prime beach weather for our family.  Although we didn't brave the waters by taking a swim, we walked around, allowing our child the freedom to play without having to wear a heavy jacket.  As my hubby scoured the shore for seashells, my daughter rolling around in the sand, I gazed out towards the sea, my heart and mind swollen with emotion.   I'm soaking it all in.  Everything. It's been three months shy to a year since we embarked on our journey to the sea.  So much has happened since that day that it almost feels as if it was just yesterday that we were loading up the car with no real set plans as to how or where we would end up.  As frightening as it all was, it was so worth the risk.  Sometimes, we need to tell ourselves, just do it!  And I am so grateful, so so very thankful that we did.  Things are truly falling into place. . . slowly, but surely.  Every day, I am reminded that we should be thankful for even the littlest things that we so easily take for granted.  The warm sunshiny days in winter, the first signs that Spring is on her way, the soft and gentle gaze that say I love you without words ever being uttered, the excitement in your child's voice as she points to a streak in the sky and cries, Superman!  Let us make a point, every day, to take note of the little wonders in life we so often pass by. . . and treasure them.


  1. these photos are so beautiful! It does my hard to see little buds are out somewhere! After snow and blizzards, I am so ready for spring. I keep thinking if I dress for it, spring will come ;)

  2. they are so gorgeous! how blessed you are to have this so near to you.

  3. So beautiful words! I am grateful to have found you! :D
    You have flowers already and the ocean! Lucky girl!


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