Thursday, February 10, 2011

.k miller actions.

"masala" of the Color actions

When it comes to tweaking my images to give it a little more oomph! I love love LOVE using the Photoshop actions created by the talented Kim Miller, aka Capt. Mouffette.  This quirky gal from Portland, Oregon, has created four fantastic action sets, with a fifth one on the way.  Catering to those who adore film and it's "vintage" quality, many of her actions give your images that surreal look that has become so popular, especially with the resurgence of lo-fi photography. One of my personal favorites happens to be the masala action from her Color set.  They are extremely reasonable to purchase with prices ranging between $10 - $20 per set.  If you get a chance to pick up a copy of Shutterbug's February issue, she's featured on page 36!  So, take a stroll over to Kim's blog, and should you make the best purchase decision of the year by buying her actions (check out the FAQ section prior to purchasing to make sure your software is compatible), be sure to join the Flickr group here.  Happy Thursday folks!  

"humboldt crud" & "daydream" of the Color actions

old ford
"meniscus" of the Monotone actions

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