Sunday, November 22, 2009

.22::30.a note from heaven

A very dear woman in our family passed away several days ago. Today, we gathered around her closest of family and friends, remembering and honoring the life she lived. She was a sweet soul that gave her heart to everyone that she made contact with. Her selfless acts of kindness and love touched so many lives. It's so very rare to meet and know someone with such a beautiful spirit. Today, I want to share with you a poem she wrote 26 years ago, in honor of the passing of her husband.

A Note from Heaven
by Eliza Bell Williams

I've found the true meaning of Grace
since I've met my Savior face to face.
I feel well and young and glad
No one here is ever sad.
There's beautiful flowers in every room
You can't imagine the sweet perfume.
Pearly gates and golden street
Smiles from everyone you meet.
Lots of babies to love and hold
Children everywhere and never a scold.
There's not a crutch or walking stick
Everybody is well, nobody is sick.
Everyone loves each other
Just like a family, sister or brother.
There's fruit on most every tree
All can hear and all can see.
This home is pure delight
And as the Bible says, "Jesus is the Light."
Live your life to the fullest, then receive your crown
And I'll be here waiting to show you around.
Your Loved One

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