Friday, November 13, 2009

.look out! toddler with a camera!.

Today, I am convinced we've got a little photographer-in-training in our household. Earlier this afternoon, Miss A. and I made a trip out to McKay's Used Bookstore to sell some old DVDs we wanted to get rid of. We walked in, gave the clerk our blue bin full of miscellaneous movies, and then sat down on what was probably an old, wooden church pew, awaiting the moment when the numbers #743 flashed on the screen. I decided not to browse around this massive store with hopes that A. would stay in one place and behave. I did not even want to imagine the scenario of her going berserk, running up and down the aisles, pulling out books, and screaming for whatever reason, because at times, that's what two year olds like to do. Let's not be THAT kid today, okay? As we made ourselves comfy as one can get on wooden pews, I felt it was only fair to the little one to allow her to play with my little PowerShot camera to help pass the time. I've let her play with it before, but there was something different about this time. I noticed that she tried hard to remember to NOT put her fingers over the lens. Also, she was looking at her surroundings through the LCD screen with more concentration before pressing the button. She was too cute. It was as if she was a mini photojournalist.

One of her last shots was of a girl playing a hand held game standing beside a little boy wearing a maroon colored cape that she walked up to. I made her ask their Mom if it was okay to take the picture first. A. was mesmerized. Soon, our numbers appeared across the screen. I went to the clerk to pick up what monies I actually got from the movies and started to head towards the exit. She started to throw a fit as she realized we were now leaving the place full of books and where the little boy with the maroon colored cape was. As I'm carrying her out the door I reminded her that she had pictures of the place and of the little boy in her camera. The tears stopped. She smiled a big smile, and then everything was groovy. :o) The above photos were all shot by her, without any influence from me. Not bad for a two and a half year old, huh? ;o)

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